Saturday, 19 June 2010

E3 2010: Sony - Now In Amazing 3D-o-Vision!

  It's an exciting time to be a gamer at the moment, not only are there more and more quality games being released but we are currently living through a break-through moment in the way we play games. 3D is set to change the way we experience games like nothing before it and Sony seem to be leading the charge!

 While Sony seem to be investing a lot in new games and content for the PS3 and PSP at the moment they also seem to be investing in the way we play our games. During this years E3 Sony press conference, SCEA group president Kaz Hirai made a bold statement about how he sees Sony's position in the future of 3D gaming. He says he wants to do for 3D what the PS3 did for Blu-ray and goes on to claim that there will be 20 native 3D titles on available for the PS3 by March 2011.

  These are indeed fight'en words, especially when you consider that the games in question aren't gimmicky parlour tricks but fully fledged core titles like Killzone 3 and Grand Turismo 5.

  It's hard to be sceptical about Sony's commitment to this endeavour because they are already well under way in their mission. It has already been reported that the PS3 will be a fully functioning 3D console by 2010 and with Sony's 3D ready Bravia range of TV's, a firmware update supporting 3D and 3D versions of games like Wipeout HD and Pain already available on PSN this is a reality.

  The only question is cost. For anyone who has already bought a HDTV the cost has been considerable so the cost of a further upgrade to 3D and the corresponding glasses could be prohibitive. However, all new tech costs a lot at first and you consider the Sony's strategy in integrating the cross-bar into the Bravia range you can see how Sony are enticing customers with a fully integrated entertainment hub.

  But perhaps I digress here, the point is that 3D games are coming to Playstation and I for one want in!

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