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Just Stuff & Nonsense was made to be an outlet of creativity. Our small team of collaborative writers pull inspiration from their passion for movies, music, games, comics, technology, and pretty much anything artistic to share with the world. This may be done via news, reviews, or good old fashioned opinion pieces. We hope our excitement and love will make you to laugh, make you think, and maybe find yourself inspired to dabble in some creative activities or debates.

We believe that anyone has the ability to create something wonderful, and are always on the look out for freelance writers for our blog. If you have a passion for creativity and would be interested in writing for Just Stuff & Nonsense feel free to contact us and we will get back to you with details of how you can join our team.

Staff & Nonstaff

Full time writers:

Jimi B

Jimi B is the founder of S&N and the mastermind behind it all. Hailing from the headquarters in England, he is a man of many responsibilities and talents. Along with his full time job he manages, edits, and writes for S&N. This is his mind child, a baby of brooding if you will. When he's not working on the site or on his job Jimi likes to play videogames, cause mayhem (on and off the interent), watch films and television, and google. Jimi is also very creative as well as intelligent, his outlets include drawing, writing, comics, and he dabbles in the music field. His turn-on's include Spiderman, women who speak Spanish, a sense of humor, Metallica, and super powers (that last one is optional ladies). Some of his blog-work includes posts on comics, game reviews, info on the newest technology, and how to spend your cash. When not blogging around, Jimi B is usually indulging in various forms of entertainment or prowling about for new talent, so don't be shy, leave a comment, and see what Jimi B can do for you!
Consoles of intrest: PS3, XBox 360, iPod
Favorite Movies: Bubba Ho-tep and Ghostbusters

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Amanda is S&Ns resident cinematic correspondent, and american field agent, which isn't as easy as it may sound given the quality of work that is commited to celuoid these days. Fortunately Amanda has a sharp wit and a surprisingly strong tollerence towards things others would easily dismiss, the fact that these qualities come in such a beautiful package is an added bonus. When Amanda isn't writing for S&N she can be found listening to something that she likes to call music, an invention the americans have been working on in secret since World War 2. Amanda is also a gamer girl (the perfect package gets better and better) although being female excells at games that involve dying a lot or running into walls, and she has certainly never humiliated any of the male members of the S&N staff in a virtual environment.
Amanda is also an amature photographer and has spent a lot of time in theatre sometimes on the stage and sometimes behind the curtains, she can also proudly claim that she has never been pelted with tomatos until she left the stage, which is an acheivement most actors cannot boast.
Artistic interests: Photography, painting, cinema, theatre
Other interests: Gnomes, Toy Fish, Stuffed Cats

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.....Scholar, literary prodigy and noisemaker extraordinaire. Drew has spent a good deal of his life developing unhealthy fascinations with various art-forms and then trying to destroy them from the inside. His last great casusalty being the theatre, Drew's bedroom wall is adorned with newspaper cuttings which show him standing over its mangled corpse.

Several years ago Drew adopted a child who came adorned with the name 'Hole Boy', Drew nurtured him and raised him as his own. Over a period of years Hole Boy has developed an impressive collection of stars but child psychologists have determined that this behaviour is a defense mechanism he uses to deal with a deeply buried trauma.

It is widely believed by those who know Drew, however, that Hole Boy simply mimicked his father's hoarding tendencies which come in the form of an unholy library of video games. Drew does have a rather comprehensive collection, most notably owning games and consoles which pre-date electricity. Many would call that an impossibility, but Drew does not accept the existence of these people...or their mothers.

Years were spent honing his respective crafts in one of the country's institutes of higher learning. During this time he was able to experiment with a variety of applications for the English language and refining his love for the theatre (before destroying it). He has taken the skills and techniques handed down through generations and turned them against their creators as weapons of pure, unbridled evil.

Drew has whiled away his twilight years (for he is surely almost dead) as a regular contributor to Stuff and Nonsense, bringing his nerdy expertise and opinions of the state of the world in general to the table and force-feeding them to the masses. Eat or die......EAT OR DIE!

Around the stroke of midnight, with the right ears, one can hear his call on the wind......eeeeeeat orrrr diiiiiiiiie....

Find Drew on Twitter: Drewjustsandn

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Recently cleared of war crimes, Denial surfaced briefly in Munich as a street vendor selling a selection of clocks and mice before disappearing again for several months appearing later in a phone box in the north of London. He was found in possession of a small glass beetle which he traded with the editor of a popular right-wing web magazine, which is where he now resides.

None of the above is true, but then so much about Denial Hart remains a mystery. For example, why is he never seen before precisely two o'clock in the afternoon? Does he have a micro computer for a brain or does he really just know that much about music? And how have he and Drew remained friends for so long?

The answer to Denial's nocturnal nature can be directly linked to long evenings spent enjoying an impossibly varied array of music, videos and literature. His CD collection is large enough to warrant a home of it's own while his baffling collection of books has cost the Earth the majority of it's rainforests. However, to it's credit the volumes contained within this collection have been deemed worth the sacrifice.

When Denial is not expanding his knowledge beyond levels that humans where supposed to experience his mind turns to creation. To this end he unleashes wailing doom using a combination of guitar and stylophone while simultaneously penning articles for Stuff and Nonsense. Those of which where not intercepted by the government are still maintained on the site by thirty specially trained monks.

Perhaps the best way to describe Denial is as a strange fusion of Bill Hicks and Gandhi. Denial is the lone figure at the end of the bar with a bourbon in one hand and Nietzsche in the other. The wry smile and glint in his eye betray a wit that could rend the flesh from the bones of men, but fortunately for the rest of us Denial is a solitary beast who concerns himself not with the trivialities of mere mortals. Or he's just some guy.

It is still unknown how he and Drew have remained friends.

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Freelance writers:

Mighty Mike