Thursday, 15 April 2010

Year of the Black Rainbow

Let me just start out saying that while I know this album isn't for everyone, I think that everyone should at least give it a try. Personally, I LOVE the band, Coheed and Cambria, and their newest album is no exception. What really makes Coheed a "love them or hate them" band is the lead vocalist and mastermind, Claudio Sanchez, thanks in no small part to his voice that could make a choirboy blush and can hits notes that some women only dream of hitting. Now, that's not always a good thing, but personally I like his vocal style but can see how some find it to be, shall we say, off-putting. Ah well, to each their own I suppose. When I heard the two pre-released tracks from the new album, Year of the Black Rainbow, I pre-ordered the special edition copy straight away. I know that could have been a folly if the album wasn't as good as those two teaser songs, but with it being a concept album, I was willing to take my chances.

The special edition set comes with a DVD with the making of Year of the Black Rainbow on it as well as a few never before released bonus tracks on the CD. Both of there are very interesting but rather standard on special edition albums. What really sets Year Of The Black Rainbow apart from other special edition albums is the novel. Yep, Sanchez got Peter David to help him write a book for this album, and it was extremely good. I haven't read a book in... well, it's been a very long time, but I couldn't put this book down! Sanchez has dabbled in the writing field before, but with the help of the literary giant, his concept has come to fruition. It is a beautiful science fiction novel that really took you to the world of Heaven's Fence. This acts as a prequel to Sanchez's comic series, Amory Wars, and to the band's previous albums as well. I feel that I got to know the characters and the worlds so much better, that their plight was my plight. It was a great read, even if you don't know any of the history of the albums or band or like the music.

As for the music itself, well, it is wonderful. Now I will admit that when I get on a new album kick... I kick hard. I immerse myself in the album, meaning that, I'm pretty sure I listened to nothing but this album for a week after it arrived in the mail. As my tendencies are a little unorthodox, I feel I gain a greater appreciation for the work in a shorter amount of time than those that listen to it like normal people. The lyrics on this album are haunting and beautiful, adding poetic foreshadowing throughout the album. Each song has a story within it that works it into the whole concept of the Year of the Black Rainbow. This is completely my personal opinion and I am willing to discuss and even retract this next statement if you can sway my thoughts.

This could be, correct me if I'm wrong Coheed fans, their best album so far.

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