Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Is This Google I see Before Me?

"Old Faithful"

Is this Google I see before me? Well it could be but perhaps not as you know it...

If you are anything like me the unexpected can sometimes lead to a certain amount of bewilderment and no small amount of falling off chairs in shock. This quick observation is for you. You see friends every once in a while you might find Google looking a little different and I don't just mean the logo. Occasionally Google likes to experiment with its user interface causing a few users to see things a little differently. It's not big deal -it's how they develop their product.

But if this happens to you and you don't like the change it's easy to sort -simply delete your cookies, or find a nerd who knows what cookies are, and there you have it, order restored. Now if only everything else was that simple...

For those of you who are interested a list of these experiments can be found here.

If you'd like to experience the latest Google UI for yourself and aren't one of the selected few, Jimi offers the following tip: 

Go to Enter the following code into your address bar and press return. You may need to delete your cookies before trying this to get it to work.


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