Wednesday, 1 April 2009

My Cat

My name is drew and i have a cat. my cat is called nikki and he is a cat. My mommy and me went to get my cat from the store when dad went away and when i picked the cat my mummy said it was a very nice cat. my mummy has red hair and is really tall.

some times nikki sleeps in my room and some times nikki sleeps on the floor but he never sleeps outside because it is cold and nikki is scared of the cold i do not like the cold because it makes me cold and i hav to put on a hat

some times i feed my cat. i feed my cat cat food because he likes it one time i tried cat food but i did not lik it so i got sick an had to sleep in my room because i got sick. my cat likes to eat cat food because it is cat food and he is a cat. cat

when my daddy comes home it want to show him my cat becaause my cat can do tricks. one time my cat came home with a mouse but monny said i could not keep the mouse because it was a mouse and not a cat. also one time my cat climbed up the curtains but it made mummy laugh. i want daddy to see my cat do tricks because he would love my cat and it would make him stay

I Love my cat because he is red and orange blue and green and white. he is nice and kind and always lets me talk to it

drew -aged 37

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