Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Haha! Yay, Kitties!

Of all the kittens Kittiesberg-Cutiedink is without a doubt the bestest. <3 xxx Other ickle kitty-boo boos' all pale in comparison to Kittiesberg-Cutiedink, he is extra cuddly and soft, and has eyes, eyes from which he sees. x

He is a rascal, daddy says that he is a little custard, I don't understand. Sometimes he likes to chase his tail, sometimes he chases the tail of other cats, once he chased a dog, that was when he was a tabby, when mommy found him again he was ginger. x

The wonderful thing about Kittiesberg-Cutiedink is how he changes color and size, when I first got him from the store he was white, now he is black, mommy and daddy say he is a magical cat. Bobby Baxter at school said he is a different cat, of course he is different, he can change colours, Bobby Baxter can eat doodie. When I grow up I want to own 100 cats. but I will always love Kittiesberg-Cutiedink the mostest.

I give Kittiesberg-Cutiedink a 10/10 and 100% making him the highest scoringest kitty ever.

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