Friday, 11 December 2009

May I have this dance...?


I doubt I can do any better than introducing this blog to than what Jimi has, and I won't even attempt to. I'm here to just introduce myself to you. Obviously you can look at my profile, and see what I have said about my ego, but it was all very brief.

Hello, my name is Michael/Mike/Mikey. I live in Lowestoft - the hub for all new things in technology and music....(why does sarcasm never come across in text???) I am a Year 7 instructor at a local Middle School where I teach Music and Art.

I live with my girlfriend, who puts up with me and my hobbies (obsessions) rather well! Lets list these obsessions shall we?

First and foremost - Music. I love music. I write, play, record and to a certain extent produce a lot of my own music. I play guitar, bass, piano/keyboards, drums, and give a fair go at singing. But I would never have gotten to this stage without my inspirations (also an obsession)...RADIOHEAD! What can I say? I love them, I love how they are consistently different, and yet they constantly deliver! I have a collection at home with all but 1 of their UK releases, CD's, Vinyls, books, DVD's...the list is endless!!
But of course other acts make me raise any eyebrow (or two) are The Prodigy, Muse, Aphex Twin, Coldplay, Scott Matthews, Ash, The Beastie Boys. But to be honest I'm pretty much game for anything!

I am a huge Apple fan. I started off with a 2002 eMac and an iPod Video. Obviouslt this has changed. I am sitting in front of my MacBook, after having recently given up my iPod Nano, making way for my 16GB iPhone 3GS! Its programs like Cubase, Sound Studio, and Final Vinyl that help me with all my Music editing.

And last but not least, you will almost definitely catch playing on XBOX Live (Noel Tidybeard add me!) Batman was awsome, Mass Effect is awsome, Modern Warfare is crowded...but awsome, but what has me addicted at the moment is Assassains Creed 2. Its soooo much better than the first. Although the missions are basically hurdling over rooftops and lunging your blades into unsuspecting victims, AC2 has much more depth to it.

But more about that and things alike soon...

So, thats me in a relatively large nutshell. What I write is not gospel. Debate and disagree if you like. This is about personal opinions and freedom of speech.

I look forward to rambling on some more in the very near future!


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