Friday, 11 December 2009

"Get dead **** face" - the new "to be or not to be"?

Swearing is cool, let's face it, dropping the F-bomb can turn the tide of any major event. If Martin Luther King Jr had anounced that it was about to hit the fan rather than telling us he had a dream things well have turned out even better...

Atleast that seems to be the opinion of the 'gifted' writer behind the Rogue Warrior game. Now war books aren't something I can say I read a lot of (although I did really enjoy Jarhead) so I've never read one of Dick Marcinko's books, maybe the insane amount of cursing is a trademark of his literature, of that I can't be certain, but there has to be a point where a dialogue writer decides to aim his script solely at 14-olds.

That said it is entirely possible to actually cross into comedy in these situations, if the writer is able to put in some nudges and winks that its actually all satire then the entire experience can become overwhelmingly possitive (see House Of The Dead: Overkill for a videogame example and Shoot 'Em Up for a cinematic example).

The other challenge Rogue Warrior faces is that it features almost no redeeming features. Had the gameplay been exceptional, or the plot been involving enough for the language to seem a natural part of the experience, then maybe the embarrassing over use of swearing wouldn't have grated so much. But that isnt the case.

Strangely the credits suggest that someone on the development team has a sense of humour, so rather than having to struggle through the two and a half hours it takes to beat the game (seriously!) check out the video below, to see that no matter how bad something my get there will always be someone out there who is able to salvage at least a part of it.
Obviously it goes without saying the following video features strong language, and weak script writing.

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