Thursday, 17 June 2010

E3 2010: Scott Pilgrim vs The World Game

For those of you who are keeping up with the daunting (yet so exciting) event that is E3, you know there are some killer game titles coming to a console near you very soon. One that I am barely able to contain my excitement for is the much anticipated and long awaited Ubisoft (guided by Brayn Lee O'Malley) release of Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Some of you will know what I'm talking about because you have read the amazing Scott Pilgrim graphic novels writen by O'Malley and published by Oni Press, and yet others of you are remembering a trailer for a cool looking movie featuring Michael Cera and directed by Edgar Wright under a similar title. Well, you are both right, although the comic came first. Edgar just did a nice little interview in the latest issue of Game Informer (I about peed my pants from excitement) and talked about working with O'Mally and briefly mentioned a few points about the game. Both the game and the movie started production almost simultaneously and while the game is based off the artwork of the comic, Ubisoft took some things from Wright's storyboards. Wright is also hoping to tie some of the game's graphics into the movie. Needless to say, that is one movie premiere I will be at and anticipating. (side note: movie is scheduled to hit theaters August 13th and the final book will debut on July 20th)

Alright, enough about the movie, lets move onto the meat of this post... the game. I could sit here and rant on and on about how amazing it is and how it has such a great reto feel and use such eloquent and prolific words... or, I could just show you the trailer. Enjoy!

Now tell me you aren't completely in love? You can't!! That was the single most amazing thing I've seen since Google had Pac Man on their homepage. Now while showing how awesome this game will be there are a couple of things the trailer didn't tell you, things like release details and back story.

As far as the actual release date, it's said that on August 10th Scott Pilgrim will grace the PSN. Now now, all you soul 360 users, don't worry, it will eventually come to XBL, there is just no telling when. But I assure you, as you have seen in the trailer, it will be well worth the wait. The game being strictly DLC actually excites me a lot and I hope more games move to this medium. I for one work way too much and always during normal store operating hours, so for me to buy a game and instantly have it (after a download) all from the comfort of my own couch is something I have become a huge fan of.

Now for those of you living under a rock who have no clue what you just witnessed in the trailer, let me explain a few things. Scott Pilgrim is in a band. He meets an awesome girl named Ramona Flowers and falls for her, hard. Unfortunately for poor Scott, to be with the girl of his dreams he must defeat her seven evil ex's. This is a very rough and extremely basic premise of the story, to learn more you really need to read the novels.

All in all, everything surrounding Scott Pilgrim is amazing, from the artwork to the story to the movie and ending with the game. Along with a review on the movie you can bet you will be hearing from me about the game the second it comes out. Now I'm off to dig through some more of what E3 has left in it's wake to find some more awesome stuff to share with you!

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