Sunday, 25 April 2010

How to part with your cash this week

We all work hard for our money, and money just doesn't seem to stretch as far as it used to. Usually the slog until pay day is stressful and demoralising, with seemingly every penny we accumulate disappearing on taxes or food or food taxes. At times it can seem tempting just to give up on everything and sob in a corner, of course that would be quitting. No, there is only one way to numb the pain... BUY STUFF! 

So here is a look at the new and wonderful (and not so wonderful) things to spend that blood-money on.


Bullet For My Valentine - Fever
Probably BFMV best album so far, although lyrically their weakest. The screaming has mellowed out, allowing the lackluster vocals and crudely conceived lyrics to take centre stage. Fans of the band will probably love it.

Its clear that the last two years spent in Brazil has influenced the musical style of the band, although they still retain their distinctly unique sound. When Universes Collide is the stand-out track in my opinion.

Its not often I get the chance to review a fresh new album of sea shanties, and I thank every higher power there is for this fact. PIFF are a staple of UK breakfast television at the moment, so that should help you get a feel for their target audience.

This is the first professionally produced studio album for the trio hailing from North Carolina, as such it is their best sounding album so far. It's taken almost 7 months for this album to reach the UK, a sad sign that The Avett Brothers will continue to be overlooked internationally.


Nier is a game, Sorry for the vagueness but this RPG has so many different elements that it is hard to accurately define. It does too much for its own good, and doesn't excel in any one area, but despite these short-comings its impossible not to love.

More of an expansion that a full on brand new release, offering new fighters, new ultra moves and a more refined online element. This truly is the ultimate edition of Street Fighter IV, although those tired of the first release may not be compelled to do it all again.

WarioWare meets Little Big Planet in what is arguably the best investment you could make for the DS, featuring the ability to create your own crazy mini games as well as download other peoples efforts. 

One man and his throat-tearing dog return to gaming, the playable dog elements are the strongest suit, everything else is by a by the numbers shooter. 


The highest grossing film of all time is finally available for viewing in the comfort of your own home. Neither edition comes with a 3D option, so 3D TV owners expect another edition to be released in the near future.

Its a comedy classic, and if you haven't got it on DVD then it is an essential purchase on Blu-Ray. The picture quality and sound is as good as it will ever be, but obviously due to age it doesn't take advantage of the format.

Following the love lives of three separate couples, this film is a chick-flick through and through. I can't in good concious recommend this to any of our readers, regardless of gender. Miley Cyrus is the absolute worst part of this terrible story, using her god awful 'acting' to drain the final drops of appeal from an already terrible film.


A genuinely fascinating comic looking into the world of psychotherapy, in places funny and always thought provoking this comic provides a look at a year of therapy. Highly recommended for anyone considering going into therapy, or therapists looking for a different look at their profession.

Just in time for the second movie, the collected omnibus of Iron Man's early adventures is up to 1968. Probably not the best choice for people looking to get into the series, but for those interested in a comic history lesson it will be worth a look.

Collecting the first part of Warren Ellis' run on the Excalibur series, I'm a big fan of Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Thunderbolts, Batman) and his work on Excalibur was probably some of the best the comic ever saw.  

More 'How to part with your cash' next week.

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