Saturday, 10 April 2010

How to part with your cash this week

We all work hard for our money, and money just doesn't seem to stretch as far as it used to. Usually the slog until pay day is stressful and demoralising, with seemingly every penny we accumulate disappearing on taxes or food or food taxes. At times it can seem tempting just to give up on everything and sob in a corner, of course that would be quitting. No, there is only one way to numb the pain... BUY STUFF! 

So here is a look at the new and wonderful things to spend that blood-money on.


The "British Eminem" tries his hand at straight up singing. Some fans have been alienated by this move to swing, but given the quality of the album any 'fan' turned away by this isn't a fan worth having.

Straight up pop music. Scouting For Girls aren't trying to be anything more than catchy chorus crafters, which isn't a necessarily good thing.

This is a brand spanking new Jeff Beck album featuring an awesome cover of 'I put a spell on you', the fact that you've made it this far into the sentence and not bought it is disappointing.

Psychedelic techno-pop.

Their most grown up album to date, words cannot express how much I wanted to hate this album, but it's actually not that bad. Fans will adore it. 


Distinctly from a post Bourne and 24 era, Conviction is in many ways as far from a 'traditional' Splinter Cell game as you can imagine, it also happens to be the best thus far by a long way.

The PS3 finally gets to experience the previous 360 exclusive content, for a GTA junkie both these stories will offer plenty of extra play time. Both episodes are fantastic, and while neither offer the depth of IV they're both essential plays,

Sequel to an N64 game that never got officially released in this country. Its fairly short, artificially lengthened by it's hair tearing old-school difficulty, but its also a lot of fun. There are far worse ways to go bald.


The famous trilogy finally gets a release on a hi-def format, but thanks to studio greed on the theatrical cuts are being released in this box set. expect the extended cuts to be follow in time for Christmas.

Enjoyable revenge thriller, its just a shame about the final act letting down everything that preceded it. Certainly worth watching.

Teenage girls rejoice, Glee is now available on DVD in the UK, too bad that they've decided to split the season into mini box sets.


A tribute to Steve Ditko's Dr. Strange, this is going to be a really bizarre a psychedelic read. Certainly not recommended to those new to Spider-Man.

A comic based on the concept that DaVinci was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, as was Newton, and nearly every great thinker throughout history has been involved in Marvels ultra secret agency.

A group of prospectors stumble upon an ancient leviathan city, as you can expect from the Alien franchise, it's not long until xenomorphs are relieving people of their heads.

More 'How to part with your cash' next week.

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