Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Gonna take you for another ride

It's been a long wait, but Capcom have finally announced Marvel vs Capcom 3, and beat 'em up fans the world over all got an excited chill go down their spine. As you can imagine I'm a big fan of the Marvel vs Capcom franchise as it combines two of my favourite subjects; games and comics, the problem is that I absolutely suck at them!

Part of my problem is that I never pick someone and stick with them, taking the time to learn their moves, I like to flit between as many characters as possible, MvC3 is actually looking like it will help me out on this one, with around 30 characters at the moment, whereas MvC2 featured a distracting 56 selectable fighters, although it is worth remembering that these were just sprites, which brings me on to my other gaming shortcoming. I tend to get distracted by the graphics and animations of the characters, I love the way the Marvel characters take their trademark stances and perform the moves picture perfect to their comic counterparts, again MvC3 seems determined to ruin my chances of ever winning a fight by moving from 2D to sexy new 3D graphics, even the early footage featured in the trailer looks spectacular so I'll no doubt receive many more beatings while gawking at how pretty the final product looks.

It'll be some time until Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is in our consoles, although I expect there will be the option for a lucky few to get some hands on at E3 this year, so I will be trying to use this time to get into the habit of sticking with a character and not getting lost in pretty graphics. I look forward to giving you all the old "Thwip! n' Smack!" online when the game is released in Spring 2011.

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