Tuesday, 6 April 2010

But where are the Titans?

I'm not a big history-buff or anything, but I do love mythology. I don't care if it's Greek, Celtic or Luxembourgian, I find it all very interesting. Most cultures have similar gods and myths, but the Greek's are experiencing a new resurge in popularity at the moment, as well as being really well known. Therefore it's no surprise that the remake of a 1981 classic film, "Clash of the Titans" is the top grosser at the box office this weekend. What more do you need? Angry gods, beautiful women, epic monsters, and oh yeah, it's in 3D.

I've mentioned before that I enjoy 3D technology, but am not really a big fan of it being used in everything. In this new "Clash of the Titans", the third dimension is used rather well, although it sometimes looked like an after thought, a worrying trend in this 3D generation. Not over used, not underutilized, but just enough to make it worth the extra dineros for the glasses. Once again though, these modern day 3D glasses are made to look more like sunglasses, tint and all, dimming the actual movie. I wish they would quit doing that! I can only imagine how much better the film would have been if the color had been 100% while still maintaining the 3D. Its not a really big deal, but can get distracting.

I didn't have many complaints about this film, it was actually pretty good... but the one thing that distracted me (aside from the color loss) was the fact that the mythology and storyline were a little off. As mentioned earlier I'm not a scholar in mythology, but they did get a few things mixed up. I'll write it off as "artistic license" this time, although I'm not quite sure there is any need to take artistic licenses over ancient lore. The topic of this post suggests there were no actual Titans in this movie entitled, drum roll please... "Clash of the Titans." There were plenty of other monsters, gods, warriors, and little beasties... but not a single Titan. For shame.

Well, I take that back, there were a few Titans, not from mythology mind you, but titans of acting. In one corner we have the awesome Liam Neeson playing the mighty Zeus, and in other corner we have the trickster Hades played by the talented Ralph Fienne. Neeson made a great Zeus, such a volatile god, loving one minute and vengeful the next and always full of emotion. Fienne came to please as well showing the darker side of deity. They worked together as beautiful opposites.

All together it's a fairly good movie. The story is simple and easy to follow, as long as you don't think about it too much, and makes a nice backdrop for some intense CGI. This movie is by no means award-worthy, but damn if it isn't nice to look at!

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