Thursday, 25 March 2010

Unfortunately, not the cool kind of "Bounty Hunter"

I've got a confession to make, and beware... this is pretty girlie.

I LOVE Gerard Butler.

I know, this is a gamer-y, tech-y, arts-y, nerd-y type blog... I'm getting there. Just give me a moment to be female before I start in with another movie review.
Butler got my attention in Dracula 2000 and stole my heart in Phantom of the opera with his chilling vocal talent. Years later I watched 300 and thought, "who is that lovely and very manly man?" Turns out he was none other than THE Phantom of the Opera. I was stunned (in the best way possible). So let me get this right, he can sing, act, has a killer accent, AND played the lead in one of the most epic movies of the decade? Tell me why I can't be obsessed with him!! That being said, as much as I love Gerard, I did not love his most recent film, The Bounty Hunter.

I'll shut up about Gerry for just a second to tell you about the movie, but only a second. The Bounty Hunter lacked what some may call, content. It's a cute movie for sure and the chemistry between Jennifer Aniston and Butler was wonderful, but the story was very basic. They are ex husband and wife and he has/gets to arrest her. Sounds like the perfect make for a romantic comedy, right? Attractive talented guy hunts down successful and gorgeous former love interest...Not so much. Please don't get me wrong, it was cute, it really was, and I LOVE both the leads, but it just wasn't something I would have paid more than five dollars to see. (Luckily I have connections at the movie theater so my wallet and I were very happy) I thought it would have been similar to some of his other romantic comedies like P.S. I Love you (the story was amazing!) or even like the more cynical The Ugly Truth (which was pretty funny), yet this one falls way short of an already simple genre. The two redeeming factors were; a), Aniston in a leg-showing, tight, black skirt the entire movie and b) Gerard FREAKING Butler!!!!

Sorry about that **ahem** back to the review...The story just didn't seem to ever pick up and get going. I'm not saying to not see this movie, if you are an Aniston or Butler fan you will want to see it eventually, but please, don't waste your money in the theaters. Rent it when it comes out if you want to because it was a nice casual chick flick, but not big screen worthy by any means.

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sooo glad i can read a girlie review when i come on here! dont get me wrong, the articles are great, but need a break from the guys prospective on things

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