Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I'm Calling It: new Nintendo handheld.

Sometimes you get a gut feeling about things, othertimes you get a leaked bit of industy news, and sometimes, well sometimes you get a lucky guess. I'd like to indroduce you to a new feature on the blog, albeit one I don't think we will see too often. I'm calling it is out attempt to take a stab at the future and predict an up coming event before it happens. Why) for the satistfaction of being able to say "I called that" when the event comes to pass. Of course sometimes it's possible we'll be wrong and in that case we'll be back here to defend our calls.

So I proudly present:

I'm calling it: Nintendo to announce a new handheld by E3 2010
Why: the DS has been a great seller for nintendo for many many years now, esspecially in Japan, where the console has become an almost essential accessory. However with the DSxl nintendo has shown that they're really at a loss as to what to next do with the DS brand. The lite was a good improvement, streamlining the admitedly bulky first generation version to a far more convinient size. The DSi was a rather impressive improvement, although far from revolutionary, and was considered by some to be a step backwards for the system. The DSlx is just... Bigger... The well is clearly running dry.

The next console nintento release may well have dual screens again, the company after all is very good on supporting backwards compatibility, and will almost certainly feature some form of built in motion controls.
I wouldn't expect much as far as graphics are concerned probably just a minor improvement over the DS current standard, maybe at a push bringing them into line with the PSP.
Compatibilty with the Wii is unlikely, and deffinately won't be the focus in the same way say the PS3 and PSP have been in recent years. I wouldn't be surprised however if it would be possible to use the console as a controller for the wii.
MP3 playback will probably replace the Ill advised AAC only system the DSi introduced, although I doubt there will be a heavy focus on multimedia support.
Built in wifi support is a certain, as is Bluetooth technology for multiplayer.

Please note that all of this is of course opinion only, and while I have great confidence in the accuracy of the call nothing mentioned has been concerned.

I'll see you back here after E3.

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