Tuesday, 29 December 2009

My 2009

I'm being very careful about this!

For a start I'm doing this on my iPhone, so apologies for any typos! 2009. 2009! 2009? What can I say? Not a very eventful year for me. Let's see, January I acquired Fallout 3 for the 360. Brilliant game, with amazing DLC later on in the year. I somehow feel that thus game was a huge influence on the slightly disappointing Terminator: Salvation. Huge wastelands, small human colonies, feeling of lonliness, and of course, big robots trying to smash you up! Much like Transformers: ROTF (and that's not me rolling on the floor!)
Much the same as the first Michael Bay robot party, Transformers: ROTF was overly long and not much substance. But what's so bad about enjoying Megan Fox on screen and seeing giant robots beat the bolts out of each other? It's an 80's childs dream!
La Roux tried to capture the 80's Nintendo sound and give it some lyrics! The bonus of this is that it really worked. Great little pop tunes that do the job.
My main jobs this year were being a Modern Warfare soldier and an assassin, not to mention bring locked up in Arkam with The Joker trying to knock me out! For me, Batman: AA, COD: MW, and Assassins Creed II were by far the most enjoyable and addictive games. I haven't enjoyed games like this for a long time. Batman broke the mold of having rubbish comic book games, Ubisoft listened to us and face us a better creed with more variety in missions, and a deeper story, whilst Infinity Ward prove to us yet again, that they are the kings if COD and no one should mess with them! Maybe a few too many challenges, and story not brilliant, but still it came out on top.

To be honest, I really can't think of any decent films I've seen this year. In fact I really don't think there has been much to get meviff the sofa and to the cinema. Had I managed to fit in Avatar, I'm sure it would have come out on top!

And finally music. Two bands have peaked my interest. Muse made a brilliant album, and even proved with Undisclosed Desires that they have the capacity to go electro if they wanted. I even saw them at The O2, and even though I was seated, I still had a he'll of a time. Matt, Chris and Dom know how to make a show spectacular! (proper review if that show soon!)
The other band that have tickled the ear drums ate Them Crooked Vultures. An amazing supergroup who actually know the definition of rock! Dome people may just write it off as another QOTSA album, however, once you delve deep into it, you forget it's Josh Holme on guitar and vocals, and just have to air drum along with the Devil, Dave Grohl! John Paul Jones just follows the trend and joins in the fun really. But if you are going to have a bassist in your band, it may as well ve Led Zeps (also a proper review coming soon)

So that's my 2009! Not much to say other than hope you had a great Christmas and here's to a brilliant 2010!!


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